Date: October.2019

Duration: Two Weeks

Platform: Occulus

Team of Five

Position: Programmer mainly responsible for the visual effects.


The big dance is only a few days away, can you get the girl of your dreams to be your date? She’s the prettiest girl in school, can you do your best to woo her?

It's an interactive game to simulate the process of falling in love and proposing for love based on Occulus. The story uses an incoming ball as a link. The boy (also the player) loses his heart to a beautiful girl in class, who totally attracts his attention during the class. Then he decides to write an invitation letter to invite her to dance with him at the ball. He folds the letter into a paper plane and sends it to her desk after class. At this time a handsome guy comes to invite the girl with a bunch of roses. However, the girl refuses his invitation and accepts the boy's love since she considers it as true love.


© All rights preserved by Jamie Cui.