Tunnel Hack

Date: Oct. 2019

Duration: Three Weeks

Platform: Occulus and Makey Makey

Team of Five

Position: Programmer responsible for the 3D gameplay and visual effects


Tunnel Hack​ is a 2-player game in which players play as 2 agents cooperating to collect all treasures in a pipe map. One player will be playing in VR environment as the agent who goes into the tunnels to travel through and get the treasures, and the other will be playing through 2D control screen as the monitoring agent supporting with energy and visions based on Makey Makey.

This is the 2D control screen. The icons on the left represent the energy of two swords for the 3D player to destroy obstacles in the tunnel. The icons on the right is the energy for the infrared detector on the front of the vehicle where the 3D player is. And It can also show the life of the 3D player and the number of the collected treasure.

This is card board made with Makey Makey for the 2D player to charge the energy of two swords and the infrared detector.

Makey Makey: It is a very simple DIY input platform. It lets you use alligator clips to attach conductive objects to a circuit board and makes everyday objects into touch sensitive buttons. Makey Makey does not require any drivers or wrappers to function. It simulates as if it were a standard USB keyboard/mouse.


Note: The 2D interface on the bottom left should be displayed on another screen when playing. But for demo convenience, we overlay it on the top of the VR display.

To better illustrate, the video below is the live demo with two screens. One is to display what the 3D player sees in the virtual environment and the other is 2D control screen for the 2D player.

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