Starry Dream

Date: Oct. 2019

Duration: One Week

Platform: Phidgets

Team of Five

Position: Programmer responsible for the basic gameplay and visual effects


It's an educational "blowing" multiplayer 2D game based on Phidgets(IR-reflective 10cm Sensor and Force Sensor). 

For the gameplay, two players need collaborating with each other. One player pushes the force sensor to make the star shooting at different initial speed. When the star is flying into the sky, each player controls one of the horizontal speed of the shooting star based on the IR-reflective 10cm sensor in order to make the star light the specific positions in the sky to achieve a constellation.

IR-reflective 10cm sensor: The IR Reflective sensor detects opaque objects from 10cm away.

Force sensor: The Force Sensor can be used as a button or to detect the weight of a small object on it. It outputs voltage ranging from 0V to 5V depending on the force used on the button.

Since pure sensors are not easy to play with, we made props for the sensors. Especially for the IR-reflective 10cm sensor, we made a box with the sensor sticking on the inside and a paper in front of it, not initially in the scope of detection of the sensor but can be blowed to detect.


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