Sketch-based Shape-constrained Fireworks Simulation in Head Mounted Virtual Reality


Date: Summer 2018

Platform: HTC Vive and Unity3D


Undergraduate Research Intern, supervised by Prof. Xiaogang Jin


Using the Unity3D engine, a virtual fireworks system was developed based on HTC Vive. After wearing the Vive device, users will be in a realistic view of the West Lake, using the wireless controller in hand as a wand to draw a variety of shapes in the air. According to the sketch drawn, our system searches in the model library to find the most similar model, and displays the shape and texture of the model with fireworks effect in the distance from the lake.

  • Using bag-of-features approach over line drawings of the objects generated by computer and a targeted feature transform, our sketch matching process is resilient to both global and local deformation. We build a model dataset for our sketch-based retrieval in order to achieve better searching results closer to what users exactly want.

  • A innovative point sampling algorithm based on Gaussian curvature, which not only stores positions of points selected but also UV information for texture display, is applied into our system in order to approximate models with complex structures. We introduce three-level explosion to simulate natural fuzzy firework effects. K-means clustering algorithm is implemented to determine seeds as the firework emitters at the third stage of fireworks explosion to exhibit the beauty at the moment when the shape of the specific model retrieved has been formed.

The paper based on this research has been accepted for publication in Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds.


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