Magic Forest

Date: Jul.2018 – Sep.2018

Platform: HTC Vive and Unity3D

Team of Four

Position: Programmer responsible for basic gameplay.


It's an educational music game developed for K-12 children to play and learn the beauty of music based on HTC Vive.

In the game mode, the player can “tap” the rabbit with the rhythm “prompt” and finish the whole song. The AI housekeeper on the rear will perform different actions according to the users' performance, including planting mushrooms, expressing current mood, managing the garden etc. Users can roam in the scene after the game is over.

In addition, a practice mode is provided, which has a basic mode waiting for users' response and two other modes processing at different speed to enhance users' familiarity with the software and add some fun to the game.

During the development process, I'm mainly responsible for the AI and practice mode mechanics. The implement of the AI is based on Navigation and Animator components of Unity3D.


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